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Carmine Panaro started working in the lock industry in 1981 at the age 15, quickly learning and mastering the trade he was a journey man at age 16 providing mobile locksmith services to residential and commercial clients. At age 18 he started his own locksmith company Heart Lock and Safe, he grew the business and sold it in 1990, and got hired as a service man with Reilly Lock.


Through a chance encounter Carmine became acquainted with the original owner Len Reilly who had sold the company to ADT in the 70s. They became close during the last ten years of Len’s life, often writing him when Len would be up at his cottage or away on trips. This friendship would act to strengthen the connection Carmine would have to Reillys and the security industry.


After a year and a half of working as a locksmith Carmine became top sales producer and was offered the manager position. Within 24 months he was presented the opportunity for a partnership role. Declining the partnership offer he countered with another to purchase the company, and in 1996 he owned 100% of Reilly Lock. From the beginning of his career Carmine has strived to always provide true integration, incorporating electronic security to compliment the locksmithing services the business was founded on.


In 1998 he added two new companies to the Reilly family in an effort to improve and expand. The first being Executec Protection Services offering undercover and special security services such as body guards and threat/ risk assessments. The second was Reilly Security Services offering guard services and alarm response with K9 Guard services as well.


In 2004 Carmine purchased Pauls Lock and Alarms, a well-known locksmith company in Barrie Ontario, with Andre Paquette. Andre had been apart of the Reillys team for 13 years and was eager for a partnership role in the company. Paul’s currently services all areas north of the GTA.


We grew double in sales in the first 2 years and then times 5 in the next 10 years, with 4 locations in the GTA and 1 in Barrie. Since Carmine assumed the role of president Reilly Lock has become a leader in the security industry as the business still continues to lead the industry with true integration of mechanical, electronic security hardware and solutions.


In 2007 Carmine incorporated The Reilly Group Of Companies and opened an office in  Port Of Spain Trinidad, to install the islands largest security system at One Wood brook Place this continued until 2012 when the installation was completed.

In 2013 Carmine purchased the assets of Mircome Security and added the clients to Reilly’s offerings and grew the business acquiring new clients with security integration needs.

In 2015 he incorporated R.E.M Reilly Event Management, offering service personnel to events in the city.

Currently he continues to travel the world in search of new and innovative solutions, as he is confident in delivering global security solutions to each local client. Never to be restricted by local suppliers or manufacturers that all other security companies rely on.

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