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Past Projects



University of Toronto

Mississauga Campus 

Installation of Honeywell "Winpak" access control solution to be installed on campus. The system provides control on all four major buildings. After the initial installation we were awardeed the new "North Building" was added as an expansion of the Winpak system. We also provide a comprehensive quality service program for all systems including 24/7 response, regular maintenance and ongoing software/ firmware updates. 

Installation of over 100 camera systems with intergrated alarm call up. Installed new control centre at BMO Base building. All trading floor cameras were hooked up using fiber.

First Canadian Place 

Rogers Centre

On April 13, 2015 we deployed Teknoscan Explosive Detection equipment for screening cars at the Rogers Center for the Blue Jay game. The Rogers Center through Reilly Security requested Teknoscan to provide explosives detection equipment at the site to screen all vehicles entering the underground parking lot before the start of the Blue Jays opening day. The screening was successfully carried out in collaboration with the CBRNE Metro Police force, Rogers Center security personnel and Reilly team. Positive detection resulted in denial entry to the parking area. We also provided five year installation, management, custom design of CCTV, control centre and building automation.